hila-Ratzabi-LargeEver since I published my first poem at the age of seven in a local newspaper in Queens, New York, I have been obsessed with words. This obsession took me through a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing at Barnard College, a second bachelor’s degree in Jewish Philosophy at the Jewish Theological Seminary, and a Master’s of Fine Arts in Writing at Sarah Lawrence College, followed by ten years of working in the publishing industry in my hometown of New York City.

I started freelance editing in college, when I volunteered to edit one of my professor’s articles. This led to my editing a scholarly manuscript he was working on, and eventually, I even started to get paid! Those first few projects brought me into contact with Indiana University Press, and over the years I’ve had the pleasure of editing a wide variety of academic manuscripts for them and other publishers.

Since moving to Philadelphia in 2011 to follow my now-husband on his path toward becoming a PhD in Chemistry, I have become a full-fledged freelance editor, doing what I love best. I’ve added many publishers and editorial services firms to my list of clients over the years, and I am always looking to expand that list.

In my free time, I write poetry and essays which are published in various journals (see my author website for more info). I am also proud to be editor-in-chief of an innovative literary journal called Storyscape. But since I’ve fully embraced my freelance career, I believe that everything I do, whether paid or not, is part of my “free” time, because writing and editing are still my greatest obsessions in whatever form they take.

Hila Ratzabi


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